About me

I’m Tommy Impey, a freelance Sound Designer and Music Producer.

From my home in South East London, I’m either working to deliver audio for games, animations, films, and any other media, or experimenting with any hardware or instrument I can get my hands on!

Some of my notible achievments include:

  • Red Bull Music Academy Berlin 2018 Alumni

  • Collaborated with Grammy-nominated Hip-Hop producer ‘Just Blaze’

  • Hosted 50 NTS Radio shows over 5 years on the station

  • Sold out 500 copies of my debut vinyl release in a matter of weeks, which was then re-pressed and sold out for a second time

  • Performed both live and DJ sets, across the UK and internationally in 7 countries

  • Assistant Studio Engineer on a project for Kelela’s album ‘Take Me Apart’ on Warp Records